WANTED: SuperStar Sales Director

Imagine a world where you could wake up every morning excited to start the day because you get to do what you love to do. Imagine working in your unique ability every day–Working alongside an incredible team that inspires you to grow and make an impact.

If you are an exceptional, talented, and driven Sales Director, and this is a world you want to live in, keep reading…
Business Nitrogen, one of the world’s top marketing, sales, and business-building empowerment agencies is looking to hire a full-time Sales Director for one of their Top VIP clients. 

Our VIP Client’s Company Culture:


  • Trust: We earn our clients' trust and nurture every relationship–Inspiring unwavering loyalty.
  • Integrity: We always do what is right for our clients and provide solutions that best align with their needs and goals.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do (every detail matters!) We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients and each other.
  • ​Results-Focused: We are 100% solution-driven and results-focused and always look for the opportunity in every challenge and obstacle.
We are seeking an experienced, talented, passionate, driven, and engaged Sales Director to join this company’s high-performing team of A- Players located in Portland, OR. (If you don’t live in Portland or the surrounding area and you aren’t willing to relocate, no need to continue reading further) ☹️

This unique and established company has been a leader and innovator in the asset protection industry for business owners since 1972. They specialize in building impenetrable fortresses around their client’s personal and business assets–They also create legacy plans and perform intricate tax planning consulting for their clients. For the last 50 years, they have set the bar for other agencies to aspire to and there is always something new and exciting in the pipeline! 

Their unique team strives for excellence in everything they do, which is why they’ve been able to make such a huge impact on each of their clients both personally and professionally. This team lives by the company’s core values–Trust and integrity are KEY cornerstones to their success. 

You are the superstar we are looking for if...

You are masterful in building, leading, and managing sales teams.

You are a BIG THINKER and a team player that does not let your ego get in the way of team collaboration.

You are culture-driven, and successfully lead your team(s) by your stellar example. 

You are confident and execute with confidence, speed, and decisiveness.

You alone have a killer track record in sales, and have the confidence and drive to move the dial forward at an accelerated pace for a company you believe in.

You have a relentless commitment to continuous self-improvement. 

You have a positive nature–You always see the opportunity within a challenge or obstacle.

Deep down, you’re an Intrapreneur at heart–You love to channel your creativity and innovation and support the development of new products, services, or markets. 

You are HUNGRY and EAGER to learn and become part of a DREAM TEAM.

You have high standards for your work. Details matter to you. Results matter to you. Excellence matters to you.

You are an incredible sales leader, open to new opportunities, and you love to engage in dialogue to develop these opportunities and build relationships.

You are invigorated by the constant change of a high-growth organization with bold and audacious goals.

You are an excellent communicator and pride yourself on always doing what you say!

You thrive in a fast-paced yet high-impact environment–It pumps you up and you live for the adrenaline rush of a job well done and done quickly!

You can derive invaluable wisdom from multiple campaign data sets and then communicate your findings in a way your team can understand; allowing them to make the most appropriate data-driven decisions.

If inside you are saying 'Hell Yeah!' please continue…
If inside you are saying
'Hell Yeah!'
please continue…

A Message from Our Founder & CEO

Imagine leading the charge when it comes to expanding existing sales channels and pioneering new ones… Building a high-performing sales team to SCALE the company at an accelerated pace. 

You will become one of the most trusted advisors to the founders of the company… A steadfast team leader who is a pivotal driver in the organization.

You will get to remaster the current sales initiatives and develop new strategic sales objectives–Establishing new sales quotas and identifying action steps and resources needed to achieve those objectives. 

You will work closely with the leadership team to help meet or exceed goal-based performance metrics, and work alongside the marketing director to ensure all marketing efforts and strategies are cohesive and in alignment.

You’ll have the opportunity to exercise your killer analytical skills, which will be imperative when collecting and analyzing sales data so you can identify key/relevant pieces of information, draw meaningful conclusions, establish actionable takeaways, and problem-solve.

Your leadership skills will be critical in this position, as you’ll get to build and train your own sales team–Motivate, and rally them to reach sales goals and push the company forward, faster…

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  •  After intensive training on all products and services offered, review all past and current sales initiatives to determine the best path forward to drive top-line revenue (even if that means drastically changing course)
  • ​Develop new sales funnels, identify new markets, create new partnerships, and ideate new products and services
  • ​Strategize, plan, implement and manage monthly, quarterly, and annual sales forecasting activities, targets, and markets and set performance goals and quotas to achieve company objectives
  • Develop a successful inside sales program and continually refine sales scripts, procedures, and strategies to “beat control” and increase conversions
  • ​Hire, build, train and support a motivated sales team (10+) to achieve and maintain $500,000 in new sales per month by the first year
  • Provide support and ongoing training and mentorship to your sales team including semi-annual personal progress reviews to provide individual mentorship, identify areas of improvement, set goals, and acknowledge personal wins and stellar performance
  • Expand product and service marketability and profitability by researching, identifying, and capitalizing on market opportunities
  • Maintain an outstanding refund/cancellation percentage of less than 3%
  • Work with the Marketing Director to ensure all sales initiatives are aligned with marketing strategies and work together to analyze all trends and results
  • Accurately compile reports on sales performance, stats/KPIs to leadership on a weekly and monthly basis
  • ​Present educational and value-focused sales presentations to prospective clients via digital streaming, in person, or live on stage 
  • Hold MIO (Most Important Outcome) meetings and sales meetings to achieve sales goals–Also attend management and leadership team meetings
  • Support sales revenue goals through existing sales leads, referrals from the client base, and back-end sales and continuity with existing clients
  • Provide monthly State of the Sales Force reviews for leadership
  • Attend and participate in offsite events and conferences as needed 
  • ​Support ongoing efforts to refine and improve existing policies and procedures–Always be striving to improve and exceed client expectations (creating a WOW client journey and experience)

The below career experience is REQUIRED:

  • 5 or more years as a Sales Director, Director of Sales, or Sales Manager
  • Successful sales program/system creation and execution
  • Ability to learn detailed information about products and services offered quickly
  • ​Detail-oriented, professional and exceptional customer service focused
  • ​Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • ​Computer proficiency: Word, Excel, CRM, e-mail, ability to quickly learn management tools and CRM: Creatio

Compensation & work expectations:

Competitive with performance bonuses and growth opportunities 
IMPORTANT: Some travel is required, and our sales director will report and work out of the company’s headquarters located in Portland, OR. (If you do not live in Portland or the surrounding area and are not willing to relocate, please do not apply for this position).


Please do not apply for this position unless you are a well-versed Sales Director superstar. We will only settle for an A-player with batteries included! 

If you feel you could be a right fit for this opportunity and fulfill all the requirements indicated above, please answer the questions below:


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